Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Vegetarian Paradise

Back in Pathom Asoke after a two day retreat in Hua Hin. Today was great! I guess I had been in kind of a funk. I think mostly it was just homesickness (a month and a half on the other side of the world will do that to you). I broke out of it today though, stopped watching the clock, and just enjoyed being here. Now I am back to wishing i had more time here.

I had started off today with the intention of taking a long walk past Pathom Asoke's borders and seeing where that took me. But after walking for just a minute or two I saw the tofu production in full swing and I couldn't resist. I went back to my room, put on my schoolboy blues (the uniform) and hurried back. I spent the next three hours sifting through soybeans, picking out bad ones; wrapping, cutting, moving tofu blocks; or ladling tofu substrate from a giant pot onto the finishing blocks. When the apparent supervisor left for a while, the boys I was working with quickly cut off a large slab of tofu and smothered it in a red hot-and-sour sauce. We sat together laughing, eating, and looking over our shoulders. We also drank steaming hot soy milk, fresh from the milking machine, with a little brown sugar dissolved in it. Delicious! I love fresh soy products.

After that, I retired to my room for a short sojourn to read. Erika got some very enlightening readings about Pathom Asoke community specifically. It really made a difference to read some of that, because it puts eveerything we are doing here into context. I am going to read a bit more later tonight.

If nothing else, this place is a vegetarian's paradise. Not a day has gone by without some delicious tofu or textured protien dish. We've had fake duck, fake roast beef, and I think some sort of immitation ground beef product. And it is all cooked in delicius Thai dishes and spices! SO much better than that American prepackaged Boca stuff. I am starting to get spoiled! Fresh greens, fresh tofu, fresh soy protein! That stuff is hard to come by back home. I suppose I will just have to adjust when I return. Oh well.

I'm off for now. It's almost 7 o'clock at night here. Everybody wakes up at 4 here (or 6 in my case), so the nights here are short.



Blogger Cecilia said...

sorry about cutting our conversation short tonight.
the food ounds awesome. are you going to be able to make some for me when you get back?
i'll be expecting it.
i love you.

6:45 PM  

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