Monday, June 06, 2005


first full day in bangkok. woke to sun reflecting off highrise hotel. Woke in high rise hotel. Bed, soft. Eleven hour sleep, not bad. Life of luxury for a couple days. Sauna, spa, hot tub, pool, massage, forget it. Gotta go climbing, navigate the city. Walk down Sukhumvit, don't look at the side vendors, not interested. Beautiful girls everywhere, mini skirts, belly shirts, don't look at the side vendors, not interested. Pass the lady boys, pass the bars. Up to skyway. Metro, American, like home but with Thai writing. But everything in english too. Notice that everywhere in this city is greenery. Plants, bushes, flowers, trees. Not the freshest, but air. Better than New York city, maybe the same size too. I like this, first city I have liked since toronto.

Climbing in tiny little personal size indoor cave. Routes sporadic and random. Feels good to be pulling plastic again. Called lady at the gym an hour ago. She opens door and comes outside to greet me almost before I even get off the moto-taxi. People are so friendly. Like India, but less of a demanding nature. Somewhere between sideshow interest and apathy. Pleasant. Break for a bit. Try to explain to old Thai lady vegetarianism. get out translation book. No... meat, fish, shrimp, chicken. Hungry, vegetable. She shows me eggs. Krap! Krap! Kap kum krap. I butcher the language, Yes yes, thankyou. Delicious omelette with vegetables over rice.

moto bike on the way back, pass skyway, go to highway. High speeds, fears, etc. No, No, skyway! point up. She laughs, smiles, not angry. Uturn back to station. 60. What? You said 40? She makes the sign of a Uturn. Okay, okay, 50. okay 50. Skyway, short walk back. Pass the bars, pass the sidevendors, the ladyboys, the ladys, the sex, the pirated movies, the beer wine liquor, the trees the bushes, the highrise buildings. Into my own highrise building.

Welcome to Thailand.


Blogger Cecilia said...

good job on getting that omlette.
i'm at work, not much time for details.
i love you, i miss you.
write more. i want to hear more from you.
i hope you're getting enough food.
i love you, i miss you. more.

12:08 PM  

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